PhoneClean is a comprehensive software solution designed to optimise and clean iOS devices to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Developed by iMobie Inc., PhoneClean offers users a number of tools to remove junk files, free up space and improve the overall performance of iPhones and iPads. Let's take a look at the main features and answer common questions about PhoneClean.

Key features

  1. Clean Unwanted Files: PhoneClean scans and removes unnecessary unwanted files such as temporary files, app cache and system logs, freeing up valuable space on iOS devices.
  2. Privacy Protection: The software helps users protect their privacy by securely deleting sensitive data including call history, messages and browsing history.
  3. App Manager: PhoneClean allows users to manage their apps more efficiently by providing batch removal of unwanted apps and associated data.
  4. Photo Cleanup: Users can optimise their photo libraries by identifying and removing redundant or duplicate images, thereby saving space.

PhoneClean has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users with any technical background. The simple design and step-by-step guidance ensure convenient and efficient operation.


PhoneClean, developed by iMobie Inc. is a valuable tool for iOS users looking to optimise the performance of their devices. With features such as cleaning unwanted files, privacy protection and app management, PhoneClean is a comprehensive solution for keeping iOS running efficiently and clutter-free. Whether you're looking to free up storage space or increase your device's privacy, PhoneClean offers a convenient and effective iOS optimisation solution.